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January 2012

Ecology North

20 tons of herring wash up on Norway coast
    Lake Erie ports look to host tall ships
    Unique Life found at 1st Antarctic Deep-Sea Vents
  Medical Matters PSA screening does not result in less cancer deaths
  Ecology North Iceless lake concerns scientists
    From our friends at GCBA, as authored by ODNR: Harmful Algal Bloom Fact Sheet (Green Algae)
    Algae can live, thrive in frigid winter waters
    Project to pour water into volcano to make power
    A Wet Fall Leaves Ohio Farms with Too Much Manure
    Study raises concern about safeguarding Lake Erie
    US looks ahead after ethanol subsidy expires
    USDA awards $25M for Iowa biodiesel plant
    Are Renewable Energy Sources Too Costly to Pursue
    German jobs boom in renewable energy questioned
    Discovery turns Seaweed into Biofuel in Half the Time
    Toledo Mayor Bell hosted a meeting November 2011 with law enforcement agencies. See the minutes.
    Another test finds LightSquared’s satellite service interferes with GPS (submitted by Larry Inguagito)
    Thwarted on US pipeline, Canada looks to China
February 2012   Jupiter-Bound NASA Probe Adjusts Course Toward Giant Planet
    News of Jellyfish Takeover Unfounded Scientists Say
    Russian Scientists Poised to Reach Ice-Buried Antarctic Lake
    LightSquared's GPS Interference Controversy Comes to a Boil.  Thanks to Mike Powers (MBC) for this info.
  Medical Matters Case Western Reserve University researchers use skin cancer drug to reverse Alzheimer's disease.
  Ecology North Indiana is latest Asian carp battleground
    Detroit to help maintain regional water monitoring system
    Green Bay to be tested for Asian carp
    U.S. to spend $50M on invasive fish
March 2012   Asian carp seized at Windsor-Detroit border
    All Ohio fish advisories can be found on Ohio EPA’s website at or by calling (614) 644-2160 to request a copy. Fish consumption advisory contact information will be provided to anglers in the Ohio Fishing Regulations booklet with fishing license purchase beginning on March 1, 2012. This info found on
    Radiation Blast from Big Solar Flare May Threaten Satellites
    Ethiopia's Magnetic Strip Holds Clues to Ocean Formation
    NRDC Taking Legal Steps to Protect Great Lakes from Toxic Algal Blooms
    Feds pledge $2M to cut runoff in Lake Erie basin
    Ohio struggles with Lake Erie's Toxic Algae
    Ohio wants farmers to help reduce Lake Erie algae


GCBA Submittal on Harbor and Dredging Funds
  Ecology North Soil work starts in Marina District
    Solar power station in Spain works at night
    Titanic director dives to Earth's deepest point
    Japan reactor has fatally high radiation & no water
  MBIA MBIA support for Shrink Wrap Recycling
April 2012 Ecology North Farms hold key to limiting toxic algae blooms
    Mild winter could mean more blue-green algae
    Potential Great Lakes wind farms eyed in deal
    Will plague of toxic algae accelerate a focus on Lake Erie
  National Boating Federation Report on Rescue 21

Ecology North

Efforts to halt toxic algae in Lake Erie gets local audience
    Maryland offering $200 gift cards for dead snakehead fish
    Michigan & Ohio to cooperate on Lake Erie algae
    New threat emerges on Asian carp
  National Boating Federation NBF Brochure (trifold) explaining DSC radio and MMSI application, for your safety
  Ecology North Kasich expects to sign new version of water use bill he had previously vetoed.
    If you dip into Lake Erie, be aware of blue-green algae
    Shallow harbors are sinking Great Lakes Tourism
    State not enforcing phosphorus limits to reduce lake algae
  Ecology South Ballast Water Treatment
    CAFO's Pollution


ECCSCM Spring 2012
    Lake Erie, How Many Lives
    New Rules Seek to Prevent Invasive Stowaways
    Water Pollution from Farming is Worsening Costing Billions
  Ecology North Lake Erie bill needs a lot of work
    Managing Oil Spills
  I-LYA I-LYA News
  MBIA Michigan Public Act 62 revises random boat stops for safety inspections
  Ecology North Antarctic ice melting from warm water below
    Invasive Species Act Introduction
    Cannibal shrimp invasion has begun
    Shell, Iogen scrap plans for biofuel plant
May 2012   Not good enough
    Asian carp barrier has power outage
  Public Service Announcement Facebook and Privacy: 9 recommendations
  Ecology North Army Corp will accelerate efforts to stop carp
    Debate rages over source
    Alaskan crews gear up to tackle Japan tsunami debris
    Radioactive bluefin tuna crossed the Pacific to US
    Ottawa River cleanup reaches an important milestone
  Notice for Mariners Camp Perry Firing Range Warning
  National Boating Federation Harper Government moves to protect the Great Lakes from Asian Carp
June 2012 Ecology North 20 Bills on way to Kasich
    Huge algae blooms discovered beneath Arctic ice
    Officials worry about creatures on tsunami dock
    Five states partner with federal government to review plans for Great Lakes wind farms
    Great Lakes lamprey numbers remain high
    Healthy Lake Erie Fund signed into law
    Phragmites Control Threatened by Beach Grooming Bill
  Medical Matters Plague Rare in U.S. Surfacing in More Affluent Areas
  National Boating Federation USACE announces a project to improve Greenup Lock and Dam on the Ohio River. The link will take you to the USACE website. The US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) issued a notice stating that it intends to prepare a General Reevaluation Report (GRR) for the Greenup Locks and Dam on the Ohio River. A previous study recommended extending the 600-foot auxiliary lock to 1200 feet. The GRR will update and supplement that earlier report. A public scoping meeting will be held in Ashland, Kentucky on June 28. 77 Fed. Reg. 35662 (June 14, 2012).
    REPORT: Western States Boating Adminitrator's Association Meeting
  Ecology North Lake Erie Commission awards protection grants
    States hope fence foils Asian carp
July 2012   Lake County identifys HAB infestation
    Israeli firm grows "highless" marijuana
    Ohio beaches still second worst in country among coastline states
    Sewer District working to clean up Lake Erie
    Swirling Currents Fuel Huge Ocean Blooms
   Ecology South Dig Harder
    Asian Carp DNA in Erie
    Canada concurs on Asian carp
    Smaller Algae Bloom expected for 2012
    Kasich bans drilling in Lake Erie
  Ecology North Michigan DNR to remove carp from inland lake
    50 Tons of Litter Pulled from Pacific
    Glacier in north Greenland breaks off huge iceberg
    State plan intends to reduce farm pollution, Lake Erie algae
    Politicians ignoring Asian carp threat
    Low oxygen believed responsible for massive Lake Erie fish kill
    Ohio EPA, Lake Erie Charter Boat Captains join to monitor lake
    Record Greenland Ice Melt Happened in Days
    NOAA tracks toxic Great Lakes algae from space
    FCC inundated with mobile device approval requests
    5 Reasons Fracking Should Scare the Hell Out of You
    Invasive plants now found in Lake Erie
    NASA X-Ray Mirror inspired by Scotch tape
    Petition to waive ethanol mandate may come next week
August 2012   Ohio, federal officials search western Lake Erie for evidence of Asian carp
  National Boating Federation Aquatic Nuisance Species Task Force Strategic Plan (2013 - 2017)
  Ecology North Thousands of fish die as Midwest streams heat up
    Chefs try to get Americans to eat Asian carp
    Hunting for Asian carp in Lake Erie
    Lake Erie electrofishing survey doesn't find Asian carp
  Ecology South Senator Brown Clean Harbor
  Ecology North U.S. court upholds higher blend of ethanol in gas
  National Boating Federation Representative Rogers (R-MI) introduced the Asian Carp Prevention Act of 2012 (H.R. 6348) to direct the Secretary of the Army to prevent the spread of Asian carp in the Great Lakes and the tributaries of the Great Lakes, and for other purposes. (8/2/12)
    Senator Debbie Stabenow (D-MI) and others sent a letter to the Acting Director of the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) urging full use of the Harbor Maintenance Trust Fund (HMTF) for maintenance dredging of U.S. harbors. (8/14/12)
  Ecology South Great Lakes Climate
    Sustainable Farm Tactics
  Medical Matters Gastrointestinal Pathogen Linked to Human Fecal Contamination
    What's the Best Way to Avoid Mosquito Bites?
    5 Things You Need to Know About the West Nile Virus
September 2012 Ecology North Anglers could help find out if Asian carp are in Lake Erie
    Feces-Linked Bacteria Found at Lake Erie Beaches
  National Boating Federation REPORT: 2012 Joint Conference of Harbor Safety Committees


REPORT 2: 2012 Joint Conference of Harbor Safety Committees
    NACON Trip Report
  Ecology North Keep the carp out
    Climate landmark as Arctic ice melts to record low
    Antarctic methane could worsen global warming -- scientists
    A Source-to-Sea Cleanup of New England's longest river
    Bid to Repair Lake Michigan and the Great Lakes one marsh at a time
    Pollution threatens South America's Lake Titicaca
    Tens of Thousands of fish stink up Lake Erie Shore
  Ecology South Sound off on Algae
  Ecology North Quest to Reach Buried Antarctic Lake Ready to Begin
    An updated Great Lakes Accord
    Coalition Drops Opposition to Dow Engineered Crop
    Japan Will Try to Halt Nuclear Power by the 2030's
  Medical Matters Brain Implant Improves Thinking in Monkeys
    Ovarian Cancer Screenings Are Not Effective, Panel Says
    Wearable Robotics to Help People Walk Again
  Ecology North Portage Lakes could contribute to Asian carp threat -- comments requested per included link
    High phosphorus levels are changing the face of Lake Erie fishing
    Lake, River levels will remain below average
    Toxic-algae warning Lake Erie's first this year
    Weed problem or not
    Legislation targets Asian carp fight in Mississippi, Ohio river basins
  Ecology South Get Serious About Asian Carp
  Ecology North Arctic ice shrinks to all-time low, half of 1980 size
    Pressure mounts to restore Great Lakes water levels
  Ecology South Save the Maumee
    Autumn activities include finding the root of Lake Erie's toxic algae
    Enlisting Earthworms to fight against Great Lakes Algae
    EPA Awards Grants to Michigan and Ohio to Improve Water Quality and Reduce Algal Blooms in the Great Lakes
    Initiative to Restore Lake Erie
  National Boating Federation NBF champions EPIRB and PLB usage
October 2012 Ecology North Authorities worry Erie is ailing
    Outdoors Insider: Trail cleared for 'invasion'
    Green Algae: A local health alert -- NOTE: This is a link to a specific Non-AYC site. Please check it while it is operational
    Ohio county shelves Lake Erie geotechnical survey for wind farm
    War on Algae
    Pending legislation intrusive boat searches for Ohio
  National Boating Federation Radio Technical Commiunications for Marine Services Conference
  Ecology North Algae in Lake Erie: Problems and Solutions
    Clean Water Act at 40: Is it failing to meet new pollution challenges?
    Farmers, EPA clash over Chesapeake Bay regulators
  Ecology South Grand Lake St. Marys Algae Report 2012
  Ecology North E15 gasoline is chief worry at outdoor equipment show
    Is fuel with an increased level of ethanol a problem for small gas engines?
    Group fights Maumee River sediment pollution of Lake Erie
November 2012   Trout could restore piece of Erie history
    Good algae use
December 2012 National Boating Federation European Boating Administration Meeting Minutes
  Ecology North Bionic Suit Helps Paralyzed Patients Walk Again
    $8 Million Bionic Man Tops Chicago's Willis Tower
    Low water rivers offering up a glimpse of history