This page allows access to timely documents for AYC. They are:

AYC Delegate Change Form 2023 This form MUST be completed and submitted to the AYC Recording Secretary ASAP! This is the communication form for future AYC communications. Standard Practice:This form MUST be filled out, and IN THE HANDS of the AYC Recording Secretary, P/C Al Ashley, by January 10, 2023, for new Club Delegates to be able to vote in the election at the January 2023 AYC Meeting. Submit to



AYC Individual Yearbook Ad Form  This form is for your Personal ad in the 2023 AYC Yearbook. It can be returned as directed on the form,  by March 1, 2023.  No ad will be considered complete until the actual funds are presented to Julie Ames.  Email your completed ad form to  Funds are due and payable on submission of your ad. Send your checks to the snail mail address on the form.
AYC Delegates received an envelope at the October 2022 AYC meeting with the club bridge forms, club ad info and a facilities sheet. The faster she gets the information, the sooner the AYC Yearbook will be printed and delivered. Also, at the same time you send your information to the Yearbook Commitee, please send it to The AYC Website at  Note this is NOT the usual contact point for "Editor25", but it is best for this purpose.



Ticket and Hotel Room Info for AYC Weekend


As part of the packet delivered, instructions indicated that only those people who were purchasing tickets for the AYC Weekend would be allocated hotel rooms. The forms for these hotel rooms were also in the packet. They are not posted on the website because of these identified restrictions of dissemination.

As your AYC Delegate who is handling the sale of tickets for the AYC weekend runs out of tickets, they may, at any of the ticket turn-ins, REQUEST more tickets, and corresponding hotel reservation forms. Again, no one who does NOT have AYC Tickets will be allocated a hotel room. No one can call the hotel directly and book a room. All rooms are reserved ONLY through AYC.




U.S.C.G. Delay Reporting Form. Use to report extended bridge closings to the USCG.