All Ports Yacht Club was founded in 1980 by Lester Cabot and a little over a dozen people at Venetian Marine in Sandusky, OH. The initial membership was small. These members were from various ports on the Great Lakes. Therefore, All Ports Yacht Club was deemed an appropriate name for the club. A constitution and by-laws were written, and the club was chartered in 1981. Soon after All Ports Yacht Club became a member of the greater Cleveland Boating Association. Membership meetings were held at different ports and the clubís growth was substantial. First Commodore Lester Cabotís dreams had become a reality.

For a brief period the club was not very active. The older members worked to enlarge membership and strengthen the club. Under the guidance of Ed Fried, Larry McCloskey, Tom Taylor, and Tom Stieber, community service and safety activities were added to the clubís schedule.

In 1994, under the leadership of Commodore Thomas Stieber, Venetian Mariana became All Ports home port on January 1, 1994. All Ports Yacht Club also joined the AYC and I-LYA in 1994. Membership and participation greatly increased. Commodore Naomi McCloskey, Michael Dobransky, Robert Babik, and Thomas Hancock continued the revitalization of the club.

Three members distinguished themselves by serving in other yachting organizations. Larry McCloskey and Glen Fish served as commodores of the GCBA. Michael Smith was commodore of I-LYA.

All Ports Yacht Club is especially proud of its community service project for the mentally challenged and handicapped. Each June the membership provides boat rides for the Christie Lane students of Norwalk, Ohio. Lunch is served afterwards. Photos of the captains and their " new crews" are taken. Each visitor leaves with a gift bag of items donated by businesses throughout Ohio. All of us leave with smiling faces and happy hearts.

With the enthusiasm of its membership, All Ports Yacht Club is alive and flourishing