Perrysburg Boat Club is home at 111 Water Street in Perrysburg, Ohio. It is easily located at the foot of Louisiana Avenue, directly behind the Monument of Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry on the beautiful Maumee River.

In 1937, three Perrysburg residents felt the old Perrysburg Waterworks with a shed and an outhouse would make a convenient boat club location. They took it upon themselves to generate an interest throughout the community. They contacted the Perrysburg Civic Association. By March, the three gentlemen had obtained a lease from the city of Perrysburg for one dollar a year for the use of the riverfront property and buildings.

The formation of Perrysburg Boat Club found twenty-two charter members. A constitution and by-laws were established and dues were set at $1.00 a year for junior membership, $2.00 a year for social, $5.00 a year for canoes and rowboats, and $7.00 a year for cruisers and larger sailboats. The $5.00 and $7.00 dues included the dockage charges for the year.

In 1941, PBC was incorporated under the laws of the state of Ohio. During World War II, not many improvements were made to the club as materials, labor, and money were scarce. After the war ended, and supplies were more readily available, Perrysburg Boat Club members sold bonds to enable them to begin improvements to the club, bulkhead and docks.

PBC declined in membership during the late fifties. The early sixties found a group of Rebel sailboat owners expressing an interest in membership at PBC. This generated new enthusiasm within the club. Perrysburg Boat Club has developed over the years as a family oriented group and now has 75 family memberships. They work together as a unit to develop and grow. PBC is run solely by club members. They undertake all construction, maintenance, improvements, and growth with the assistance of one another.

Over the years PBC has grown from a shed, outhouse, and waterworks structure, to a comfortable clubhouse, an addition with a picturesque view overlooking the Maumee River, improved and additional docks, a break wall, hoist, and indoor plumbing.

Although PBC is primarily a sailboat club, we also have a number of power boaters. Everyone offers assistance during social activities, regattas, invitational, districts, or national functions. In 1977, PBC was host to the Revel Association nationals. Sailboat races are held Wednesday evenings and on holidays during the summer months. Perrysburg Boat Club facilities are utilized the majority of the year by the members for races, buffets, cookouts, parties and for general get together.

The future for PBC looks bright. Membership is expected to increase, and participation and interest of the members keep soaring. PBC was honored by having their first I-LYA Commodore, John Bureau. PBC is challenging, ever changing, improving and supportive of all its members in their endeavors and enthusiasm.