2006 AYC Committees


Jim McDevitt – Chair

Tom and Kathy MacDonald                                        Dick and Irene Watkins

Jay Onacila                                                                  Pat and Cindy Slee

Ways and Means

Tom and Luann Lyon – Chair

Dave and Lucy Wright                                                 Damien and Barb Pfleghaar

Jeff James and Paula Mullins

Public Relations

Gary and Jennifer Convery – Chair

Ed and Donna Payne                                                      Frank and Barb Hojnowski

Chris and Sharon Amlin                                                 Herb and Judy Priest


2007 Commodore’s Ball

Allan and Marcia Ashley – Chair

Jim and Linda McDevitt                                                John and Kathy Gambino

Jim and Donna Crooks                                                   Alan and Barb Antoine

Rob and Carol Wolas                                                      Russ and Donna Vaughn

Jack and Toni Gracia