2009 AYC Committees

2009 Commodore’s Ball

                                                                John and Diane Lark (MRYC)                    Bill and Joan Gilroy (SBC)

                                                                P/C Rob and Carol Wolas (SBC)                Mike and Bonnie Morton (WYC)

                                                                Bill and Cindy Cappadora (PPBC)             Skip and Claudia Clemence (SBC)

                                                                                P/C Gary Weaver and Deb McIntyre (HVYC) -- Chairs

                                                        Mike and Rebecca Walsh (BVYC)                Joe and Karen Petersberger (HVYC)

                                                        Mark and Barb Hupp (MRYC)                        R/C Doug and Sharon Bagley (MBC)

                                                        Gary and JoAnn Vailant (RVYC)                  Tim Wisniewski & Michelle Connors (TSC)

                                                        Tom and Patty Kovach (GLSBC)                  Steve and Debby Barry (BVYC)

                                                            Tim and Kathy Mikolajczak (MRYC)            Gary and Cheryl Wilson (ORYC)

                                                          Bob and Jean McKee (HVYC)                      Jack and Joanne White (NCYC)

                                                NOTE: Not shown in the pictures above, but also part of the 2009 Ball Committee are:

                                                          John and Diane Heagy (NCYC)        and      Quentin (Jr) and Kelda Vernatter (CCYC)