2017 AYC Committees             

                                      2018 Commodore’s Ball



Chairpersons Al and Marcia Ashley - DBBC, Jim and Linda McDevitt - DBBC, Jason and Debbie Pearson - FYC, Rob and Carol Wolas - SBC, Al Antoine and Paula Penn - RVYC, Dale Vanderford and Teressa Hopkins - DBBC, Tom and Patty Kovach - GLSBC, Chris and Sharon Amlin - SPBC, Michele Durocher – WYC

                             2017 Ways and Means Committee

                               and Public Relations Committee      

Chairpersons Steve Hyder and Pam Myers - DBBC, Larry and Linda DeBagio - PPBC, Dave and Jeannie Arnold - DBBC, Dan and Nancy Thomas - FYC, Al Baillargeon and Vivian Gebstadt - WYC, Scott and Texanita Sander - DBBC, Larry and Pam Marter - HVYC, Terry and Debbie Trimmer - ORYC / BVYC, Ed and Amy Cantu - LYC, Joe and Karen Petersberger - HVYC