2022 AYC Committees          



Front Row, left to right:  Lady Linda McDevitt, Lady Debbie Pearson, Lady Patty Kovach, Lady Karen Petersberger,
Lady Dawn Schaumberger, Lady Paula Antoine, , Lady Carol Walsh, Sandy Ball, Lady Pam Myers, Lady Marsha Ashley
Back Row, left to right:  P/C/ Jim McDevitt, P/C Jason Pearson, P/C Tom Kovach, P/C Joe Petersberger,
P/C John Dalesandro, P/C Al Antoine, P/C Rob Wolas, Larry Ball, P/C Steve Hyder, P/C Al Ashley


Front Row, left to right: Lady Julie Ames, Lady Karla Reamsnyder, Lady Rita Robbins, Lady Heathor Balazy, Lady Pat Chase, Lady Kim Langley
Back Row, left to right:  R/C Tim Ames, P/C Dean Reamsnyder, P/C John Robbins, P/C Mark Balazy, P/C Dennis Proctor, P/C Jon Langley
Not pictured:  P/C Sue Pitock and Gentleman Wayne Pitock


AYC Bridge 2022

L to R: Mary Vaillant, AYC Sgt-at-Arms Mike Vaillant, Lady Julie Ames, Rear Commodore Tim Ames, Lady Teri Upholzer, Commodore Jeff Upholzer, Lady Denise Crum, Vice Commodore Jay Crum


          2020 Picture of AYC Commodores


Left to Right: 2015 Commodore Steve Hyder, 2004 Commodore Al Antoine, Lady Paula Antoine, 2003 Commodore Jim McDevitt, 1992 AYC Commodore Gene Demick, Lady Linda McDevitt, Lady Sally Demick, Lady Carol Walsh, 2008 Commodore Rob Wolas, 2017 Commodore John Dalessandro, Lady Karen Petersberger, Lady Dawn Schaumburger,  2018 Commodore Joe Petersberger, Lady Pam Myers, Lady Debbie Pearson, 2006 Commodore Jason E. Pearson, Lady Nancy Thomas, 2014 Commodore Dan Thomas, Lady Patty Kovach, 2019 Commodore Tom Kovach, 1971 Commodore John Greiner, Lady Judy Greiner, Lady Marge Hansen, 1993 Commodore Arne Hansen, 1999 Commodore Ken Zoltanski, Lady Gloria Zoltanski, 1994 Commodore Al Ashley, Lady Sharon Bagley, Lady Marcia Ashley, 2013 Commodore Tom MacDonald, Lady Kathy MacDonald,  2016 Commodore Dennis Proctor, Lady Pat Chace.

Not pictured: 2009 Commodore Brent Schneider, Lady Nancy Schneider, 2012 Commodore Jim Kessler, Lady Nancy Kessler.