AYC Email Guidelines:

October 2006

AYC Commodore Bill Gilroy, AYC Recording Secretary Al Ashley, and AYC Treasurer John Dent conceived the AYC Email Notification System.

AYC had been using a telephone notification system to deliver updates to AYC Delegates from the Board, pertaining to immediate message needs. These needs included, but were not necessarily limited to Obituaries; changes in meeting locations, and bad weather calls. It became apparent that a managed email system would be much more beneficial and much easier to manage for these efforts.

The AYC Email Notification System has been expanded, to some degree, from this initial action plan.

Today, we are using the System to:

  1. Notify others of Officer's passing in any AYC member club.
  2. Allow for communications to be presented that were not part of discussion at the most recent AYC meeting, for events that will occur prior to the next AYC meeting.
  3. Assist with inter-club communications among AYC member clubs, for Dress calls, weather calls, change of venue for events, and notification of updates to the Associated Yacht Club's website: http://www.associatedyachtclubs.com

This system is not to promote club raffles, or club events that were discussed at an AYC meeting.

Special circumstances will be taken into consideration, but the three items above are the basis for this communication methodology.

Also, please consider that the email system is a Reporter, not a Researcher. Any information requested for publication must be complete in its presentation.

Thank you for your assistance!

Ed Payne

AYC Email Notification System Manager