Photos from AYC Events

This page is meant to display photos from AYC events. All submittals should be in jpeg format, and sized for easy loading.

 Please present at AYC meetings on floppy or CD wherever possible.

UPDATE: With the implementation of the Associated Yacht Clubs Facebook page, most pictures will be posted there, rather than on this website.


The pictures below were taken July 20, 2014, of A-Dock at Put-in-Bay.



The photos immediately below are of a presentation held at the June 2014 AYC meeting, at Bay View Yacht Club, by "Spirit of America", a youth boating education organization. From "Spirit of America" were Cecilia A. Duer - President, and Jerry Craddock - National Coordinator. The last picture is of Michael Baron -- U. S. Coast Guard Recreational Boating Safety Specialist, who came to meet us and introduce himself.






The photos before are from various AYC events, not necessarily of current year, but annually recurring events. 




The pictures above are from BVYC P/C Joe Gloriso, at the 2012 Bike Run fundraiser for Commodore Jim Kessler and

Lady Patty. For a viewing of all 108 pics from this event, 

The 2012 Spring Bike Run was the biggest success yet, with 40 bikes and 70 people participating.

Photos from 2011 "Opening of the Port" submitted by Tim Crites, 2010 Commodore Ottawa River Yacht Club

and 2011 Commodore Toledo Ice Yacht Club:



Picture of 2011 Commodore Class at Elba Mar Boat Club Commodore's Ball, courtesy of CCYC 2011 Lady Tammy Darr:


2006 Opening of the Port:

Below are 3 examples of the 200+ photos taken by BVYC AYC Delegate Joe Glorioso. Joe has made all his photos available by

providing this link:

AYC Commodore Jason Pearson and Lady Deb.jpeg (32706 bytes)

Officers Line Up.jpeg (37447 bytes)Long Line of Officers.jpeg (32630 bytes)

The pictures below were provided by Lady Donna Vaughn. They are of the Opening of the Island event for 2006. For a short time, I will post a slideshow that is in

pdf format. If you view the slideshow, it will open, then go dark, then restart in full screen mode. On completion, it will downsize, and you can close it. Enjoy.

OOTI2006 Slideshow.pdf



Bay View Yacht Club AYC Delegate Joe Glorioso has done it again! Here is the link for the pictures he took at BVYC's Homecoming. Thanks, Joe!